Friday, December 2, 2011

Sydney Aurora

During the halloween celebration she was princess Aurora!!! she was looking at this decoration ...I wonder what she was thinking.

At the Botanical garden, She felt in the lil pond so we had to strip her down.

At my friend Jenn's
Admiring the flowers!!! AW we love summer time!

Little Sydney is almost 2 and she is growing just beautifully, reaching her milestone from talking in sentences to making disasters lol. It seems it was yesterday she was a tiny baby. She is very told, she fits almost perfectly in 3 T clothe!
She loves coloring on the wall! so right now we are working to make her do it at the table. At this point she already understand the concept of time out! she had had a fair share of them, so at this point I just have to give her a warning some times works some times doesn't. I can't wait to potty training her and be done with the whole diaper thing, they are so darn expensive. She is definitely a daddy's girl she loves spending time with daddy and cuddling up with him . Here are some pictures of her

Danielle Lauren!

Danielle during Halloween at the Army hospital. She wanted to be Mulan, so my mom made it for her! she chose the fabric and supervised every detail lol.
Here posing for the camera before we adventured to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. It was the first time she has done it up here since it was only 30 F why not?
2011 soccer team!
At the Botanical Garden!
Walking around our beautiful running trails
Danielle is a first grader!!!! I can't believe it. I always wondered if people exaggerated when they said time goes fast. Well now that I am an adult, I totally agree with them . My baby is a beautiful and smart 6 years old who is constantly testing my knowledge, my patient, my spirituality, but it also makes me to be prepare to answer all those great questions that she has about life and death, about Heavenly Father, science and math, grammar and spanish wow she does keep me learning which is good.
This year she begged to homeschooler, but honestly living in Alaska where the winter is so hard and dark I had mix feelings about doing so. Therefore, we agreed that we would try school once more and if she did not like it, we will homeschool. Thank goodness she has a great teacher, a very sweet lady who has a very structure classroom and Danielle seems to be happy about school once more!
She is reading perfectly, in fact roles have changed she reads to me all the time. She loves art a lot, good thing Mrs. Adamsom is an art major and she get to teach them art skills! Her math skills are great and so her physical education once. her PT teacher gave her an outstanding recognition because of her hard work in gym class! here are some pictures of her!

Sophia Camille goes to school

My mom made Sophia custom, she wanted a purple princess dress with purple wings , she said she would be the butterfly fairy!!!
THis was at the church Halloween celebration, she was really tired!
She let me put make up one fact she was so happy that she was wearing make up!
Sophia loves Arrow , our new family member, this picture was taking in the summer now he is so huge.

Sophia started to go to pre school this year at the same elementary school that Danielle attend. It is a typical peer program, so she gets the opportunity to spend time with kids who are a bit delayed or need some social skills who are 3 years old.
Sophia is "the super friend" like her teacher calls her, she is friend with everyone and she is always very consider of other kids. I am so proud of her.
Her and her friends are so excited about all the fall and winter celebration. She can't wait for Christmas to get here.
Sophia enjoyed decorating cookies during holloween and making a beautiful thankgiving card for Thanksgiving and now they are focusing on Christmas.
Her and her sister decorated the Christmas tree last weekend!!! She is indeed a joyful lil person and I am so happy to have her in my life! here are some pictures of her

Wow 6 moths has passed!

I was in shocked myself just to see that it has been six months since I posted last. However, I do have a good reason, perhaps it is not the most cheerful one, but it is a reason after all. You see in June of this year I started to notice that my left eye was dropping and since it was the beginning of summer I assumed it was caused by the very alive nature! a couple weeks later my friend Jana , who is an optometrist, checked my eye and rx some medicine. A month later, the problem persisted, this time accompanied by pain on one side of the neck or the other, chin pain you named it, so I kept getting in an out of physical therapy for different pains. My friend Jana told me there was more than allergies. My pcp dr. and physical therapist decided that I was working out too hard and I was stressing my body too much, so I stopped running right after I did my Midnight Sun Run in July and switch to something lighter.
By August, my problem with my eye persisted, so the dr referred me to another optometrist for a second opinion, this one sent me to a neurology and this one referred me to an Oftalmologist. Each one of them came up with their own diagnostic, but it was the Neurology who i think got the accurate one. He said I must likely have a Horner Syndrome and that I needed to see an Oftalmologist who will do the test to confirm it.
So finally at the end of October I got my appointment with the Oftalmologist, he did the test and the result was positive. A month ago he ordered MRI and I finally got it done yesterday and today I have a follow up, so we will see what is going to happen.
It is easy to write all these, but truth is that I have bounced from dr to dr from mri to ctscan to xrays to physical therapy holly molly I am just eternally grateful we have insurance. Just one MRI was 1400 dollars! Good thing my vision itself has not been affected by this so called syndrome, just my eye lid and of course my vanity. I guess now they need to figure out what caused it . That I guess is the tricky part.
Anyway, JUSt an update now I get to post un things of the girl

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Danielle's Kindergarden Ceelebration!!!

Last Wednesday was a big day for my Danielle! she finished her kindergarden program and now she is ready to start first grade next year. She was so ready to be done with school, the last two weeks were eternally long for her. Getting up it was a challenge and she would cry when I was going to leave the classroom. Despite all the drama she would always have a great day at school. I think the last month was particularly hard for her because Charles went back to night shift, so the days he was off she wanted to stay home and spent time with her daddy. Now she is a happy camper, no more school no more getting up early or going to bed early ( so she thinks) and it is sunny and warm outside! Here are some pictures of that great day!

Mrs. Stihler ( Danielle's teacher) is turning her into a first grader!!!

Enjoying a last lunch with her classmate!

Standing in line to go up the stage! she wanted to wear this beautiful dress that we got her for Easter, well it was actually to go to the daddy and daughter ball, but Charles couldn't take her because the only person who could cover his shift wouldn't do it lol.

Danielle with Mrs. Sithler and Miss Liz

Just waiting for her turn to come!

While all these was going on I was wrestling with Sydney to keep her quite she cried the whole time . Good thing was there for a bit to see Danielle and helped me out while I took a few pictures. Wholly Molly Sydney made that day so hard on me even then I try to stay calm and not ruin my sweet daughter celebration. I love you Danielle !!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chena Hot Spring/Spring break

Last weekend we went to Chena Hot Spring Resort which is located about 1 hour and a half from our house! It is such a beautiful place the combination of the hot spring with the snow on the ground makes the place very very beautiful! The girls we so excited and so did we! As a couple Charles and I got to enjoy a nice marriage seminar. The Chaplan in Charles' unit was the organizer and he did such a great job in giving every body information about how to strength a marriage. As a family, we were able to enjoy different activities with including the swimming at the indoor pool and the Ice museum! here are some pictures of it!
Little Sydney enjoying some time out side again the weather was perfect only 20 F ( let me tell you after months of negative this feels like summer)

Danielle and Sophia playing with some ICe cups!
This is the lobby at the building that we were staying at! Notice the moose and the caribou and also a quail
Sydney and Daddy

The girls playin outside the Ice museum while we waited for the guide to show up

Ice park 2011

The week of my birthday was so nice and warm (only 10f)! It was the perfect weather to go to ice park, so we went every day of that week that Charles had off! Sydney did not like wearing gloves, but she picked up really quick how fun it is to be outside! Oh my gosh it was just great specially the slides. The sculpture were just amazing! Sydney felt sleep couple of time on the sled so we jput her in a sleeping bag and let it take her nap while Sophia and Danielle went up and down the slides! Bottom line is I could live here if the weather was like this every winter. here are some pictures of it!

Danielle, Sydney and our friend Nina in one of the Eskimo ICe sculptures
Sophia and daddy going down the Papa Johns Slide!

Danielle on ice turtle
Sydney and Daddy going down the slide! she love it so much Charles had to take her a few times!

Danielle and Sophia sled a mile !!!! Yeah for both of them